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Delivering high-return-on-investment linguistic services is the major aim of PGHT. Let your sales tell our quality. We are more than a translation company, we generate values to your business!


We specialise in translating East Asian languages. We also cover most of the commonly used business languages.

We are skilled in translating to and from Asian languages for business that target specific audience audiences in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Korea. When requesting a translation, it is important that you inform us about the country or ethnic group your company is using the translated document for. A good example is there are significant differences in the Chinese spoken in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

If you business needs to translate something, the easiest way is to assign the task to a bilingual person in your department.  However, a bilingual co-worker may not have time and skills to translate your content in a proper manner. This is where professional translators come into play.

From our experience, the first question a client always asks is whether the translator can retain and capture the essence and feeling of the original content. That is why we would require some guidelines for the translator from you to ensure to meet your most pressing needs. Even though coming up with these guidelines may be tedious or time-consuming, we guarantee that they will bring your many benefits.

You can send us a soft copy of the document which needs to be translated as an email attachment, ideally in Microsoft Word format.

The easiest and most convenient method would be through email.

We need you to provide every source from your web page which you need to translate in Microsoft Word format. Subsequently, we confirm with you what your goal for the translation is. We will then translate the content of the website into the target language and localise it for your target market. We also localise wordings in graphics, and finally ensure that your webmaster has accurately made all substitutions.

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