The globalisation of many areas of business requires that customers have access to products and services in their own language. Internationalising your business documentation, website, and software can ensure that you reach the largest market possible, which increases your profits and decreases customer miscommunication issues.

By employing PGHT as your translation service provider, you are able to spare time to manage other aspects of your business without worrying about translating pitching materials or product descriptions into your target audiences’ language, in turn saving you a lot of start up time and money.

You can submit your documents via Online Submission. You can also contact us at [email protected] and tell us your instant contact way. Our representative will contact you within 8 hours.

If you have set up a branch of your business in China, English to Chinese translation is becoming a highly demanded service. English to Chinese translation is not an easy task to conquer, and yet the need for Chinese translators is growing rapidly. More and more, businesses, agencies and individuals need Chinese document translation for websites, services, or to communicate with their Chinese business partners, target audiences, or employees. Click here to find out more about our English to Chinese translation services!